What's the difference between the Grade and the Score as shown for Participants?

Grade - this is the percentage of correct answers given in their submissions.  Each question in a Hoop can be setup with a correct and one or more incorrect answers.  Any question not setup with a correct answer is scored by the platform automatically as 'correct' if any answer is submitted for that question.  The Grade tallies up the number of correct vs. incorrect answers for that Participant and gives them a Grade.

Score - this combines the scores given to the Participant from all users and reviewers and is, therefore a subjective score.

Why have both?

Having both objective and subjective measurements for Participants gives a higher definition view into the candidate.  Just because someone got some of the answers wring doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't be the best for your position and vice versa.

Take advantage of both of these measurements to make the most informed job offers possible.