The Hoops platform has a series of automatic notifications triggered by various events.  These notifications are managed in each individual Sprint.

When a new Sprint is created, the system will create default language for all the notifications and they will default to "On" - meaning they will be sent when triggered.

Each notification can be edited for Subject line, Header and Body.  It can also be On or Off.

To manage the Notification, open a Sprint and click the Notifications tab from the left-side navigation.

You'll see the On/Off toggle for each notification.  The current status is what is shown.  To change it, simply click the status.

To edit the content of any of the notifications, simply click the title.  Once your edits are complete, click the "Save message template' button.

The Notifications are:

Hoop Open - Notifies a Participant that a Hoop is open and available for completion in their Sprint.

Hoop Closed - Notifies a Participant that the opportunity to complete a Hoop has ended.

Hoop Submission - Notifies a Participant that their Hoop Submission has been received.

Hoop Submission Scored - Notifies a Participant that their Hoop Submission has been scored by someone at the company.

Qualified - Notifies a Participant that they have successfully completed an entire Sprint and are ready for a live interview. (Triggered by adding a Participant to "Qualified" status.)

Rejection - Notifies a Participant they are no longer part of the Sprint.