The Hoops platform gives you several options for managing and organizing Participant status in your Sprints.

On the Participants page in any Sprint, you'll see six status tabs across the top of the page.  You can move Participants from one status list to another by checking the box next to their name then selecting the desired action from the "Perform on selected participants" action menu.

What does each status mean?

All Participants - A listing of all the Participants for that Sprint, regardless of status.

Watching - Participants that one or more members of the hiring team are interested in.

Qualified - This Participant is ready for the next phase of your hiring process, such as a personality assessment or phone interview.  Placing a Participant in this status triggers a notification to the Participant.

Accepted - This is the final status for active Participants.  Use this status to create a short list of Participants to whom you may offer the position.

Opt-outs - The Participant has chosen not to take part in the Sprint.

Rejected - A member of your hiring team has removed this Participant from the Sprint.