The Hoop Completion Rates report will show you the completion rate in percentage for each of the Hoops you have in Sprints.  The Sprint name will be displayed in parentheses under the Hoop name as reference, since it's possible to use the same Hoop in multiple Sprints.

The default view is for "any" Sprint.   However, you may use the criteria selector to narrow down the results to Hoops in a specific Sprint.  You can choose to sort by Completion Rate or Hoop Name.  You may also choose to view the data in an Ascending or descending manner.

Click "go" to run the report.

The "Number of Submissions" column will show the total number of Submissions for that Hoop and will also allow you to drill down into that number to display a list of the submissions.  You may score and manage the Submissions from the drill-down page.